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5 Pro Tips for Best Vanilla cake

5 Pro Tips for Best Vanilla cake (+ recipe)

5 Pro Tips for Best Vanilla cake (+ recipe)

Everyone is always looking for the pro tips for best vanilla cake recipe. Sounds simple right? But harder to find than you think. I’ve made batch after batch and fine tune my recipe until I am finally excited about this one. So stay tuned!

Here are 5 PRO tips for best vanilla cake using the reverse creaming method:

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PRO TIP 1: Measure out all of your ingredients with a scale. Baking is a science and because you can accidentally add too much flour or have not enough flour when you use cups, a scale is needed for accuracy.

PRO TIP 2: Bring your butter, milk, and eggs to room temperature. And by room temperature, I mean a little bit warm. Room temperature ingredients will create an emulsion properly but if any of your ingredients are cold, then the batter will not mix together properly and you’ll end up with a wet layer at the bottom of the cake.

PRO TIP 3: Don’t be afraid to mix. If you’ve never used the reverse creaming method before you might get freaked out about the mixing stage because we are going to mix for TWO minutes. When you’re making a cake in the traditional way, you would never mix that long because you would over-mix your cake batter and create huge holes (tunnels). Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it in my recipe.

PRO TIP 4: With the reverse creaming method, we coat the flour in the butter first which actually inhibits the gluten from developing. Reverse creaming also allows us to add more liquids and sugar to the cake than the typical mixing style which is why this vanilla cake is SO incredibly moist and tender.

PRO TIP 5: Check your altitude – If you live above 5,000 ft, you may need to reduce your baking powder a bit so that your vanilla cakes do not collapse.

Vanilla cake may seem boring, but an EXCELLENT vanilla cake is complex! And if that seems overwhelming to you I can assure you that this recipe will guide you through step-by-step exactly what you need to do to make your own vanilla cake that is moist, has a delicate texture, and amazing flavor!

Here is My Best Vanilla Cake Recipe (click on the this link) 

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